Public transport

Generally, the car remains essential to avoid spending much of his time in transport. The transport sector is evolving.

From each city you will find a public transport called “taxi co” to go to the capital, Fort-de-France.
Some cities (see below) have set up an urban transport network in its territory.
The interconnections between towns are in creation.

In the south

The canton of south of Martinique (CAESM) is in charge of developing transport in its territory, “to offer an alternative to the systematic use of the car.”
A single price: 1,20 € the ticket, 10€ the 10 tickets.

Urban networks of CAESM : here, facebook.

Public transport in Le Francois (BEL PASSAJ ‘): map

The center

The urban transport network operated by CFTU (Urban Transport Company Foyalaise) was baptized Mozaik .

More about the network MOZAÏK : here.

Map of the bus network MOZAIK: map.

The north of the island

Urban transport network (lire) :
Le Gros-Morne,
La Trinité,
Le Lorrain.

The bus lane project in Martinique

Work is almost done way between the airport and the downtown of Fort-de-France.

More about the bus lane : here.

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