Kré Yoles Kafé


Kré Yoles Kafé or Cooking for Health!

Situated downtown, Kré Yoles Kafé invites you to taste his authentic Creole Cuisine

« Make what you eat be your only medicine! »
« Que ton aliment soit ta seule médecine ! »

– Hippocrate –

Come and discover, the delicious, healthy and well-balanced local cooking using the top grade ingredients :

– cooking with olive oil relieved in salt
– a fresh soup every day
– steamed vegetables from the garden (papaya, pumkin, okra)
– Dady Diet: vegetarian sandwich and its delicious home-made sauce
– Gratin
– Parmentier of Conch in the yam
– Fishes and Seafoods (catch of the day)
– Creole Paella made with chiken or conch or octopus
– Variety of cakes made with wholemeal flour, without gluten, nor milk and nor eggs
– Fresh local fruit juices
– Fresh coconut water
– Conch’s steak

Kré Yoles Kafé
Rue de la Gare Bel Pasaj’
97240 Le François
0 596 392 809
facebook : KreYolesKafe

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