Cora Kite School

 cora-kite-surf-school-martiniqueBe prepared to your new addiction with Cora Kite School  !

Created by the Champion Cora Mazière in 2017, this little school is based on the Cap Est Lagoon Resort’s beach, in one of the most beautiful lagoon in the world.

This one is particulary appreciated for its transparent water and its “fonds blancs”, kind of natural emerald and turquoise colored swimming pools.

Let’s fly on cristal clears waters of Martinique !



Cora Kite School
Cap Est Lagoon Resort,
97240 Le François,
+596 696 54 31 21



Also graduated from the Faculty of Sports (State Patent Professional) and the National School of Sailing, Cora will be pleased to offer you a privileged and personalized approach to better meet your expectations and your needs, according to your level and your physical abilities.

The East Cape Spot is particularly appreciated for its transparent water and its mini white bottoms, kind of natural pools with turquoise and emerald colors. The beach of the hotel being semi-private, it will guarantee you a certain intimacy and tranquility during the practice.

You will also have the pleasure to contemplate on the horizon the various islets of the François such as the Frégate Islet, Long Islet, Islet Thierry, Islet Oscar or the famous Baignoire de Joséphine and its wonderful white backgrounds.

Fly on the crystal clear waters of Martinique safely ! You will be guided, accompanied and supervised with a boat and radios type walkie-talkie. The material is changed every year.


Private or semi-private lessons with 2 students maximum (2h30).

Coaching, rental, initiation. Open to everyone.

Kayak and Paddle Rental.

From 90 € the coaching (development), 125 € the initiation and 115 € the stage.

The tailor-made packages take into account your level, your profile and your availability (CKS Martinique will propose the best moments specially adapted for you).

The first beginner course is 125 €
The following courses are at 115 € per session

Foil Course
160 € for 2 hrs in private lessons
130 € / person for two

Board 20 € half a day / 30 € the day
Harness 20 € the day
Tiki and surfkite 40 € half a day / 60 € the day

All these rates are decreasing

The school also offers rentals for 80 € half day, after validation of your level during a coaching session

Kite course at 100 € instead of 115 € !

To book contact directly:

Cora Kite School
Cap Est Lagoon Resort,
97240 Le François,
0696 54 31 21

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