Contemporary Arts Exposition

Contemporary Arts Exposition by “La Fondation Clément”

Cap François was honored to be invited the 4th Febrary of 2016 for visiting the New Contemporary Arts Center of the “Fondation Clément”. It was the opportunity for us to discover this meeting place of cultural exchange.

The “Habitation Clément”, listed historical monument since 1996, makes for decades fully part of the Martinique’s patrimonial heritage. Place of memory and history, its authenticity resides as well in its esthetic as in its composition: Ancient industrial site that is now a touristic site but also a cultural one. Indeed, The Fondation had been active for now 25 years, enabling more than 160 Caribbean artists to exhibit their master pieces. The objectives are first to reinforce the regional artists’ visibility, then to offer a better accessibility to culture but also and more widely to contribute to the diffusion and promotion of Caribbean Arts & Culture.

Whether it be through sponsorship, patronage, or important international expositions, the “Fondation Clément” promotes and valorize artists whom, because of their geographical isolation and islands’ specificities, don’t necessarily have the same possibilities and are sometimes suffering from a lack of visibility. To make Martinique and the Caribbean a place of cultural meetings that will be shining worldwide, that is a dream coming true after long working years.

The 24th of January was the inauguration day of the new expositions’ areas, situated in the captivating building designed by architects Reichen and Robert & Associates. Visitors came abundantly for this important event. Until the 17th of April, you will have the chance to discover the “Hervé Télémaque” Exposition. Originating from Haiti, he is one of the most striking French artist of his generation. After starting his career in New York, he decided to move to France. Between Surrealism and Pop Art, it is through an impressive number of paintings, sculptures or collages that Télémaque invites us to a very intimal and personal reflection around objects, language, but also sexuality and politics. Even if it is not the first time the artist exhibits in the Caribbean, the exposition proposed by the “Fondation Clément, in collaboration with the “Centre Pompidou”, stills nevertheless the most important one ever dedicated to him in its region of the world.

The new annual season of Contemporary Art expositions has just started now. On the program, about ten collective or individual expositions of 8 weeks will be opened to public so as each one of us will be able to admire and appreciate these incredibly gifted and amazing artists.

Open to everybody, those expositions will be the perfect time for you to discover the cultural and patrimonial heritage of the Caribbean and of course, to share a great moment with your family or friends. Commented visits and conferences are scheduled every Sunday at 10am.

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