Contemporary Arts Exposition

The “Habitation Clément”, listed historical monument since 1996, makes for decades fully part of the Martinique’s patrimonial heritage. Place of memory and history, its authenticity resides as well in its esthetic as in its composition: Ancient industrial site that is now a touristic site but also a cultural one. Indeed, The Fondation had been active for now 25 years, enabling more than 160 Caribbean artists to exhibit their master pieces. The objectives are first to reinforce the regional artists’ visibility, then to offer a better accessibility to culture but also and more widely to contribute to the diffusion and promotion of Caribbean Arts & Culture.… More Contemporary Arts Exposition

Underwater trail

The underwater trail is an area dedicated to snorkeling. You will explore the seabed by snorkeling to the surface of the water with light equipment (fins, mask and snorkel). The trail is a loop of 800m whose starting from the beach of the islet Thierry. Source : Carbet des Sciences virtual visit